Our Story


As the waves broke on the shores of Miami Beach a little girl picked up a few sea shells from the sand. She strung them with a string. A tourist bought the necklace from the little girl and Cappelli Straworld, Inc. was born.

It was the depression and the young girl inspired her grandmother with the sale of the necklaces and the business grew as they began selling more items to the tourists visiting Miami ...her grandmother boarded a boat and brought back maracas, alligator handbags, embroidered clothes and accessories from Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala.

In the 50’s, the business continued to flourish and the company began importing from the Orient and Europe. In addition, Cappelli Straworld, Inc. opened their straw hat factory in Miami.

The Cappelli Straworld, Inc. story continues to this day with our creative design staff, providing the highest level of customer service with the wonderful support of the Dorfman Pacific team. We hope you will be a part of this marvelous enduring story.